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At 4 weeks pregnant, you’ve probably just missed your first period, although if you are trying to get pregnant, you’re probably not “missing” it as much as you are celebrating.

At this point, you can take your first home pregnancy test to see for sure if you have a baby on the way. There are lots of different brands and styles of pregnancy tests on the market and you can check out our list to see which one will be a good match for you.

If your home pregnancy test comes back positive – Congratulations, you’re pregnant! If the test comes back negative, consider waiting a few days and testing again. The test is measuring the hormone levels in your body which may not have had a chance to build up if you tested early on.

Once you’re holding that stick in your hand, the one with a positive test result, you may experience a variety and a mixture of emotions and they are all okay!

You may feel happy and excited that you are having a baby and scared that you might not be ready. You may feel like this is exactly what you want, but be worried about how your partner will react to the news. You may be thinking that you’ve waited so long for this, but still wonder if it’s really the right time.
This mixture of emotions is perfectly alright and is to be expected. You are embarking on an experience that will change your life for the rest of your life and it’s okay to have doubts – I would be surprised if you didn’t!

For many women, regardless of what the stick says, they don’t really feel like their result if for real until they hear the news from the doctor or midwife, so feel free to make the appointment. Even if you are just trying or preparing to have a baby, it’s good to let your doctor or midwife in on your plan.

So, now that you’ve confirmed the good news, you can officially calculate your due date. Your doctor or midwife will help you, or you can use one of the many online calculators available.

Now that you know you are pregnant and have a due date, just a few reminders about what you can and cannot do:

Please do:

Continue Exercising

As long as you are not playing contact sports, at 4 weeks pregnant it’s okay to keep exercising as long as you are feeling up to it. If you are feeling nauseous or tired, it’s okay to rest and take a few days off from your normal gym routine too.

Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

If you’ve already been to your doctor or midwife to have a pregnancy test, they’ve probably already started you on a prescription of prenatal vitamins. If not, be sure to call and ask your health professional about what kind of vitamins to start taking.

Keep a Journal

Every pregnancy is unique and if this is your first pregnancy, it is sure to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. If you keep a journal anyway, you’ve probably already made several entries about your pregnancy. If not, consider that it could be a beautiful gift to pass on to your child once they leave home, get married, or have children of their own. At only 4 weeks pregnant, it’s not too late to start creating this valuable keepsake.

Please do not:

Drink Alcohol

If you have had a drink or two in the past month, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. Being only 4 weeks pregnant it’s unlikely that you’ve put your baby in any real danger unless your drinking heavily every day. But now that you know you’re pregnant, it’s time to exchange that glass of wine for a glass of sparkling cider.


For your own health and the health of your baby, it’s crucial that you stop smoking. Even if you are just a “social smoker,” it’s important to put the pack away for the next nine months. Babies exposed to smoke while they are developing inutero often experience other developmental delays or difficulties throughout childhood.

Empty the Cat Box

If cleaning the cat box is one of your least favorite jobs, you now have the perfect excuse to walk on by – you’re pregnant! Most domestic cats carry a parasite called Toxoplasmosis Gondii (TG). While your body can handle it, it may be dangerous to your unborn baby. This parasite is found in cat feces and can infect those who come in contact with either feces or the litter box. While it’s still completely safe to cuddle with your cat, pass the litter scoop to your partner for a little while.

Eat Sushi or Soft Cheese

Who knows if you’ll really be having any cravings when you’re only 4 weeks pregnant, but there are a few things that you should try to avoid. Sushi and soft cheese can contain bacteria that may be harmful to your unborn baby. While your body is equipped to handle it, your baby isn’t. Although these may be among your favorites, it’s better to play it safe than sorry.

Ride Roller Coasters, Ride Horses, or Play Contact Sports

This may seem pretty obvious, but even though your just 4 weeks pregnant, you should take a break from contact sports and high risk activities. While there are many ways that you can remain active, you’ll have to limit your sense of adventure for the next few months.