Once you are 38 weeks pregnant the baby can weigh anywhere between 6 and 7 pounds, depending on each child. (In fact, he / she can weigh more!) The length of your baby may be 19 or 20 inches from head to toe.

Did you know that eye color can change your baby in the first year of his life? For example, if your baby is born with blue eyes, which could become green, hazel or brown when he / she is 9 months. Sometimes they stay the same color. This is because the iris (the colored part of eye) is gaining more pigment in the months after birth.

At 38 weeks pregnant, you’re probably ready for your unborn baby. Even if you are already a term, your baby may not be ready to come for a week or two. So the waiting game begins. Use this time to rest, nap, and relax. Watch movies and spend quality time with your partner.

His / her length is relatively constant from now until birth

  • All your baby’s organs are fully developed and mature. They are ready for life outside the womb.
  • Enter your child’s instinct is very strong at 38 weeks. He / she is often grasping the umbilical cord and curling his hands into small balls. The grasp reflex will remain strong until your baby is about six months when he / she has more of a choice, either he / she is doing something.
  • The level of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is continuing its steady decline during the week. But do not worry – your baby is still a lot of amniotic fluid to protect it.
  • The long bones of the hands and feet of your child are hardened by 38 weeks of gestation

Do you feel more Braxton Hicks these days?

These false labor pains become more intense and may even be painful at 38 weeks of pregnancy. If you are a first time mom, you can begin to confuse the Braxton Hicks with the real deal. These false labor pains may occur more frequently now, urging you to think they are real contractions of labor.
If the contractions go away when you rest or change positions, then they are just Braxton Hicks. real work pains continued and steady increase in the severity and frequency despite changes in the situation.

Your body at week 38

28-semanas-de-embarazoWhen you are 38 weeks pregnant you may have a vaginal discharge that is tinged with blood. This is called a “bloody show” and is a sign that work is underway. But do not get too excited. You can have a bloody show time, days or weeks before going to work.

Most new mothers will begin to erase the last four weeks of pregnancy, with frequent Braxton Hicks contractions. (It was removed before starting to expand.) If you’re a mom for the second time, is likely to dilate a centimeter or two before going to work.

If you have a vaginal birth, you may want to start thinking about whether or not shave or trim their pubic hair. It’s a personal decision that only you can decide. Some mothers, to let their own soldiers, while others want their soldiers to take a good look.