34 weeks pregnant mother symptoms

At this stage which is 34 weeks pregnant you will notice that the baby moves lower abdomen. Since the baby was shifted to the lower abdomen and uterus are against the bladder will feel to go to the bathroom often.

If you are facing this kind of symptom, so it’s a sign that the child is going down and his head is becoming a major reproductive tract.

But this is not always the case for every pregnant woman, particularly women, who are of child second or third to go to the bottom of the baby’s stomach is very low and the baby does not drop until the time of birth.

Bonding With Baby Before Birth

When 34 weeks pregnant is approaching when you can take your baby in your hands, you can touch, you can talk to him, and you can do for him everything that has been lacking for a long time. You are now the 34th of our pregnancy and the baby has grown a lot now.

The baby should weigh about 4.7 pounds, and its approximate length of about 17.7 inches. Development of a child should be started quickly now.

Now, new muscles begin to appear. Your skin would start to accumulate more body fat, so the baby will stay warm and survive well changed the temperature changes inside the uterus.

Small details have now been added the beginning

Now nails have also begun to emerge. nervous system and liver has also started to work properly. Children’s bones have become stronger and the immune system was also developed. At this point, the baby’s ability to resist and fight against various infections. The lungs are almost fully developed.

At 34 weeks pregnant, the baby was also given the opportunity to organize things. The baby has developed the ability to grab things and keeps well. At this point, the baby is almost fully developed. If by chance, everything is subject to women in labor at this point in time, the baby’s survival chances would be around 95%.

The child is now able to behave normally and be able to blink her eyes. It is due to food supplements and medicines at the right time. Women lose a large amount of blood during childbirth. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take adequate supplements to compensate for the loss of blood.

The way a woman carries her child when she is 34 weeks of pregnancy affects other physical problems. Many women experience pressure in the vaginal area, especially since the position of the baby begins to fall lower. Some women find that they are experiencing pain or numbness in the fingers and wrists. It is those who have experienced episodes of carpal tunnel syndrome.