At 33 weeks pregnant the preparation for delivery is one of the most common thoughts that pregnant women at this stage to focus on. Many have already chosen a name and decorate their nurseries.

The only thing missing child who is excited to be expected. The desire to prepare for the nest and is very natural, and most pregnant mothers, and will continue until the baby arrives.

Your baby starts to take the weight of this week

The child is now more than four pounds and changed weekly. Although children at this stage is a little rough packages, their skin is still developing. Studies have shown that significantly change this week in the squad. More and more, is becoming a more complete version of what is to be born.

The brain is developing quickly

It is important to note, for women who are pregnant 33 weeks, babies are smarter and smarter. Why? Their small brains have developed at an incredible rate and are now starting to work. Many doctors believe that the brain begins to communicate with other parts of the baby.


A drawback of 33 weeks of pregnancy, can be their own weight gain volumes. It is now easier than in earlier times to pregnancy for them to buy these books. As with other points in this process women should monitor their food intake. It is also important to be aware of the nutritional value of what you eat.

33 week mother facts

Women who are pregnant 33 weeks are just a few weeks of delivery. The finish line is in sight and the desire to see and keep your child is overwhelming. Reflections on the delivery process from invading your head, and if you look at another magazine of ideas, nursery, cry. Pregnant women who are 33 weeks pregnant, it is often difficult balance between the changes not only physical, but their feelings. Both have been fluctuating since the daily horror in a spouse can. But it is better at this point is that you need to know the new baby is coming soon.

Women who are 33 weeks pregnant, no matter easier. Now they’re noticing problems with posture and back pain occasionally. All these questions are specific to each individual. It depends mainly on how you are carrying a child, high or low, as the body most affected.