Breast milk or prepared?

At 31 weeks pregnant the mother must have made its decision on the type of power that will give your baby. Is breast milk or prepared? Doctors recommend breastfeeding worldwide as the best for the baby, but if the mother follows this advice is a personal choice. It is therefore important to consult your doctor before taking the decision to obtain more information about it. Talk to a lactation consultant is also a good idea.

When a mother is 31 weeks pregnant, the baby growing inside her belly is now capable of secreting many cups of urine on a daily basis, in amniotic fluid.

At the same child is swallowing a lot of amniotic fluid even though the fluid be replaced every day. The child is said to be swallowed in an abnormal way, if the mother has a large volume of amniotic fluid in, which is a condition known as polyhydramnios.

This can occur when an infection that blocks the gastrointestinal tract, on the other hand, reduces the amount of amniotic fluid in the same bag, a condition now known as oligohydramnios, showing that the child could not urinate as it should be, which may be an indication that there could be a problem with either urinary tract or kidney. It is therefore vitally important for the mother insists on a test to determine the contents of her amniotic fluid. This can be done in the context of regular ultrasound.

Begins the first milk production


When you are 31 weeks pregnant the glands that produce milk (breast) start producing colostrum, which is the first thick yellow milk that is rich in calories and nutrients, and the best in terms of providing the child with immunity in the early days of his life.

The mother is advised to invest in nursing pads that are washable or disposable; they prefer to protect your clothes, in the case of colostrum starts leaking.


Navel may have “jumped” at the 31st week of pregnancy

Now that you’ve reached 31 weeks pregnant, the uterus is 4.5 inches above your navel. That are larger than you’ve ever been. Weight gain in pregnancy can be as high as 20 or 25 pounds, and if you are pregnant with twins, who could have won more than 30 pounds now. Continue to grow in the short term – you should expect to earn at least five other books before your baby is born. Navel may have jumped at the 31st week of pregnancy A prominent navel is normal, and even sweet. It is caused by the pressure of your uterus on your stomach. Celebrate the change of pregnancy while you can. Navel will return to its pre-pregnancy look after the baby is born.

It is also wise to invest in pillows pregnancy if the mother does not have some already; it’s time that most mothers have trouble sleeping. It is also essential for the mother to take care of themselves at 31 weeks of pregnancy, because they are now more sensitive approach to the time of delivery. If they are engaged in rigorous exercise, it’s time to slow down and take it easy, replacing light training. Prenatal yoga or stretching exercises is a good idea, as they are ideal when it comes to preparing the body for the work ahead.