As the child’s development continues, it should become more active when the mother is 29 weeks pregnant. Fleet little she used to feel when the child moves now turned to hit hard and stroke, which is sometimes heavy enough to make her mother catch her breath.

Your baby will continue to grow at a similar rate

At this stage it is advisable to be vigilant so that in the case of a fall in turnover of the child if the mother has done a fetal kick. This is because the child is now supposed to move into the uterus at least ten times an hour. Note that if the movements of the Child are absent or minimal, the doctor should be informed immediately. Muscles and lungs of babies continue to grow and mature, and next week, they should be mature. It is also time that the child’s brain develops and is almost mature as billions of neurons are formed every day.

Eat, rest and Sleep

Be aware that the nutritional needs of the child are the most immediate mother is 29 weeks pregnant, and so it goes without saying that the mother must eat, rest and good sleep in this very important phase of development. Because iron regenerates red blood cells, the mother so that the smallest amount of iron they eat on a daily basis should be 30 mg. It is also important for a pregnant woman 29 weeks to insist on a blood test that will determine the level of iron in the blood, where it is weak, they can get a prescription for iron supplement. But will not be long before the baby arrives.

29 Weeks pregnant Mother Developments

26-semanas-de-embarazoAfter 29 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is about 3-4 inches above the navel, and the mother begins to experience weight gain, which is very fast, and up to 25-26 kg more than those of normal weight. This is the time the mother begins to wonder how good it is to get a baby, as the desire for motherhood. Mother is also prone to heartburn, which is growing by leaps and bounds every day. It ‘important to drink plenty of water during this period, in order to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, which may develop fully thrown.

At 29 weeks pregnant, many mothers of developing edema, or swelling of the legs, which becomes unbearable discomfort. It is recommended that such a situation, drinking plenty of water and do exercises that are light, like walking, and ensure that, while sitting on the feet high.

Enjoying the last moments

Most women begin to enjoy pregnancy much more now, because obviously not going to continue to care for them very soon when the baby arrives, and with this liberating feeling some receive care facial, manicure, pedicure. It is also important to maximize the time enjoying the last moments of calm with Father.