The development of the baby’s hearing continues when you are 28 weeks pregnant, and he/she begins to recognize the mother’s voice, as well as the father’s.

The sounds will however be muffled, as the little baby’s ears are still covered with vernix, a waxy coating that is thick and provides the baby’s skin with protection from any chapping that might be caused by the amniotic fluid.

You are often complain of cramps

Cramps during pregnancy is often seen and treated as part of the pregnancy until the pain is very intense.

These cramps are usually observed in the abdomen and back. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone also be made available. These hormones start to release liquid is called colostrum. This symptom is a sign of his presence as soon as you finish the second quarter, and as soon as you enter the third trimester of pregnancy.


Sign up for childbirth classes

Even so, through instinct, the body of the mother when 28 weeks pregnant will nourish and protect the baby during pregnancy, which means that she should start learning how to care for the baby when the time finally comes.

Learning the skills for caring for newborns can be obtained by the mother making an effort to sign up for childbirth classes at her hospital or better yet, the local community center near her. There she can be given lessons on labor, pain relief options, the common problems associated with newborns, breast feeding and formula feeding, baby proofing, infant CPR, and also after delivery, what next?

Baby is now at rapid development stage

Your uterus at this time will be extended to accommodate your baby. Your child is now at the stage of rapid development. It is therefore quite normal if you experience a feeling of heaviness or weight gain, because it is part of your growing baby.

Look for friends who can help support you

Every new parent goes through this to some extent and it is helpful to talk with other parents around you to learn from their experiences and make new friends who can help support you in your new exciting adventure. Depending on where you live, it may even be parents to be social and support groups that can help you prepare your new role. There are also many online forums, communities, and support right at your fingertips.

So now it’s time especially when the baby arrives, and therefore, attention is increasingly being asked by you, of course. Must take care of yourself with your baby. Appropriate nutritional supplements are needed. Try to schedule regular meetings with your doctor.