How big is my baby?

This stage of pregnancy, every child grows differently than another. Some children may weigh 6 pounds at birth, while others have 7 or 8 pounds.

However, on average, a child of a 25 weeks pregnant mom is the average size of 13.7 inches from head to toe, and weighs about 1.5 pounds.

This is a special week for the baby that structures in the back is about to form. It consists of 33 vertebrae (small bones), 150 part, and 1,000 ligaments. All these structures will ultimately bear the weight of your child’s body.

Your baby is to share its air skinny for some big baby this week. Fat continues to be determined, and the arms and legs are looking more rounded than before. As your baby plump up, her skin begins to smooth out wrinkles.

Be aware of loud noises can deal this week

Child’s hearing is now sharp, loud noises and surprises him. If there was a peek inside your womb this week, we see that the baby is yawning a bit in recent days. Although scientists are not sure why the babies in the womb yawn, yawn, but it can help regulate the amount of fluid or blood into the lungs. Capillaries form in the week. These are small blood vessels in the baby’s body to move blood from the heart tissue. The blood vessels and air sacs in the lungs is also the development of 25 weeks. This starts him ready for his first breath.

When you are 25 weeks pregnant, you may also notice that you have hip pain in general, which is rather inconvenient. This is due to softening of the ligaments around the pelvic bones, and the pressure of your uterus to expand.

Sciatica and hip pain during pregnancy

Although sciatica and hip pain should not be worried about, you should tell your doctor when you visit after birth. You can get advice on how to relieve pain. To get relief for your aches and pains, you can get hot or cold pack for ten minutes on the affected area, so sitting or standing for a long time is a no no, do not bend from the waist, and avoid quick movements, as this can put further pressure on the nerves.

On the positive side, a pregnancy perk that you may have noticed that your hair is fuller and more polished than ever. And thanks to pregnancy hormones, hair that is shed normally closed longer, before dropping out. Enjoy this perk while it lasts – the hair returns to normal after the baby is born.

Being 25 weeks pregnant actually doesn’t differ much from the other stages of the pregnancy. The physiologic as well as the emotional changes are similar all throughout the pregnancy stages.