Week by week baby growing

When you’re 22 weeks pregnant, the child before beginning to gain weight. It is actually the quarter of growth. Week after week, you will increase material witness in the size of your stomach.

This occurs because your child is now over half a kilogram and nearly a foot long. In addition, the child in the womb starts to look for features that will be reflected permanently in the time of delivery.

Furthermore, not only the growth stage of the pancreas of the child but also its hormone production.

What to expect?

You must be wondering how the 21 weeks has passed and is now 22 weeks pregnant. It seems that the time just slipped out of a wink. But it is not true. Let me tell you that throughout the pregnancy, you must complete a scientifically divided into three terms. You have just finished first and took second. Good going indeed!

problemas-del-embarazoYou are lucky enough to have reached the stage of being pregnant for 22 weeks without facing a lot of discomfort. If this time has been nice, if you have your been a sail easily through. But for many women engaged in the same boat, bring the first quarter of much anxiety, illness and behavioral changes and body.

For a majority of them started the morning with the feeling puckish, which lasts all day. In such a situation that the avalanche of advice launched by the near and dear to become more cautious about food pregnancy rings hollow.


There are a lot of pain, and you can not explain – where?


Your physical and mental disabilities overshadow the happiness of being a mother very soon. But do not worry when the child is in your hands and smile at you, you will forget everything that happened in different stages of pregnancy. The calm expression on the child’s face will make you forget the problems and disruption involved in the rent.

Now, for a woman 22 weeks pregnant, is early in the second quarter. You must feel that you and your child has adapted to changes in the body. But then comes the time for an extension of the body.

Crucial Week for Mother and Baby

The belly becomes invisible as you and the child began to increase at a rate relatively stable. This phase is particularly crucial for the mother. expert opinion on what will make its way to lower the pregnancy of a smarter way. For this very necessary information, it can either hear her gynecologist or connect to some site that the information submitted by doctors pregnancy expert. In the absence of such knowledge, the pregnant woman are in a difficult situation, the fight against the changes occurring inside and outside his body.