At 21 weeks pregnant you get more with each passing week, kiss your body pregnant and do not feel embarrassed to show it. You can do this with stylish maternity clothes. And if you want to announce your pregnancy to the world, says wearing a shirt that says “Baby on Board!” or “I have a pea in my pod.”

Your child is growing at a remarkable pace this week

He / she is now 10.5 inches long and weighs 12.7 ounces – just a few ounces before he / she weighs a pound. At 21 weeks of pregnancy the baby is maturing digestive system is always a bit of practice through amniocentesis that the baby is constantly swallowing. When a child swallows the water, it does so through the digestive system, comes to his kidneys, and out of the body as urine.

This is a great week of pregnancy

21 weeks pregnant to prepare for a baby shower gift registry, or even get a baby shower. Even if you do not see obvious pregnant belly is still a manageable size to be able to move freely.
Spending time with dad-to-be and get them excited about the little “bun in the oven.” Even if you’ve heard the baby’s movements, let him place his hands and stomach, he could hear the football (or what we think is a kick!). This is a great way to tie three of you together as a family.
If you do not feel the movements of your baby at 21 weeks pregnant, do not worry too much. Not all women feel the movements of their baby in the womb so early. Women who are overweight and those who have a placenta in front of the uterus tend to feel the movements of their baby later in pregnancy.
You probably feel good these days, but there may be minor aches and pains common as the growing belly. These can be round ligament pain and discomfort and back pain. In addition, discomfort, you may find that you are prone to varicose veins now.
Varicose veins are quite common in pregnancy due to increasing pressure from all that extra blood in the veins and the highest levels of the hormone progesterone in the body, causing the vein walls to relax. You have varicose veins if other family members also have them.
You may be able to help minimize and prevent varicose veins, wearing support hose maternity, exercise daily, and supporting the feet and legs whenever you can.
At 21 weeks of pregnancy, it is more important than ever to continue to exercise on a regular basis. Regular exercise not only strengthens your body and you are physically prepared for labor and delivery, but you’ll also feel better. The best exercises to do during pregnancy are walking, prenatal yoga, swimming and stationary cycling. Tip: Want to avoid making real bike during pregnancy because of the risk of falling and getting hurt and the baby.