Pregnancy is a joyful experience for most women you stomach grows and your unborn child becomes more active. During each week of pregnancy, you and your baby reaches new milestones. There are changes to your body and changes in your child’s development. At 20 weeks pregnant you’re halfway, and there are many things you can expect at this crucial time.

How big is my baby?

At 20 weeks pregnant should weigh anywhere between 9 -10 oz length of your child probably 10 inches head to toe. And now the baby has grown rapidly for the first time measurements are made based on head-to-heel against the crown-to-roast. You have probably noticed increased movements in the stomach, and increase your child grows and becomes more active.

At 20 weeks, the baby is now swallowing and breathing and her skin is to develop the cultivation of four layers. And the good news is, usually 20 weeks pregnant, a medical ultrasound and finally discover the sex of the child that the reproductive parts were formed.

bebe-embarazoIn addition, the most important changes that 20 weeks of pregnancy. For one, life is gone. Your balance may be starting to feel a bit ‘out. If you are trying to keep the pregnancy secret of happy, the roundness of your belly is probably said to himself.

Also, if you have an ongoing pregnancy should have received 10 kg so far and to continue to gain 1 pound per week. At this stage, the uterus is stabilized up to your navel. Since you’re stomach is starting to grow rapidly, expect some itchy skin due to stretching.

Another drawback is that you may find yourself making several trips to the bathroom! Once the baby grows inside the uterus, adding further pressure on the bladder.


Ensure a healthy development for your baby

ecografiaFrom that moment the doctor will pay close attention to your weight to ensure a healthy development for your child. Of course, you should eat healthily, but do not feel guilty when you feel the need to splurge on food.

The doctor will also monitor your iron levels. If you are not getting enough iron, your doctor may recommend increasing your diet with red meat or may prescribe iron tablets.

You can start choosing the baby name

Being 20 weeks of pregnancy is a fun and important milestone in your pregnancy. This is the part where you have hopefully more morning sickness and begin to feel the joy of pregnancy. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, have a look at your stomach and see that yes – there is a child there. Some parents choose to wait until their child is born to know the sex, but for others, they simply can not wait. From this point you can start choosing a name for your boy or girl, and begin to create the perfect nursery for the arrival of your baby.