19 weeks pregnant symptoms

This week has proven to be very important for you and your child. During 19 weeks pregnant various vital changes and developments that happen to you and your baby. Just as the body’s systems are demonstrating a number of changes. Now you should feel comfortable that you are pregnant.

The symptoms at 19 weeks of pregnancy are described below.

How big is my baby?

Much development has been marked your baby at this time. Little tender has now reached 7.5 inches in length and weighs about 7 ounces. There have been significant improvements since last week. Many body functions have now started to run. The kidneys have started to realize and urine was made. Gums are also beginning to form in the mouth. Hair begins to grow on the scalp. Your child becomes more active. And cartilage are replaced by bone.

Body changes on 19 weeks pregnant mother

You may also experience a series of changes in the body. Flakes of dry skin and eczema can be formed in the body. They are formed by metabolism in the body increases. E ‘typical, you start to sweat more than normal, and also to develop a heat rash. In order to avoid excessive loss of body water, you should try to stay hydrated. For this reason, fluid intake should be increased. Water is taken in enormous quantities. It is advisable to stay away from caffeine because it can be a dehydrating effect.

Heart rate and blood pressure may rise, because the caffeine. You should always try to stay hydrated. Impact of eczema and dry skin can be reduced to a considerable number of skin creams. You can use cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks.

Skin problems can also be reduced by consuming a well-rounded and healthy diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals in correct proportions.


Half of her pregnancy has finally arrived

For one, life is gone. Your balance may be starting to feel a bit ‘out. If you are trying to keep the pregnancy secret of happy, the roundness of your belly is probably said to himself. Also, if you have an ongoing pregnancy should have received 10 kg so far and to continue to gain 1 pound per week. At this stage, the uterus is stabilized up to your navel. Since you’re stomach is starting to grow rapidly, expect some itchy skin due to stretching. Another drawback is that you may find yourself making several trips to the bathroom! Once the baby grows inside the uterus, adding further pressure on the bladder.

At 19 weeks pregnant, your baby has begun to respond to its external environment. Therefore, should do everything possible to keep your baby calm. Try to stay calm and in areas away from noisy places that can actually interfere with your baby. Play soothing music can help, too.

It ‘s a very important time for you and your child. Take care Take care of yourself at this point. Visit your doctor frequently. Take medications at the right time. Prenatal vitamins and other supplements should be prescribed by a doctor.