18 weeks pregnant mother symptoms

When you’re 18 weeks pregnant, you’re in the middle of the second quarter. At this point, your friends and family tell you how you look and being pregnant, you should. This is because pregnant women now seem to have a glimpse of them.

Morning sickness is gone for most women today know and are able to enjoy being pregnant concentrate on the birth of the unborn child. You are your partner can also renew your relationship because you are not very emotional about little things that you were only a few weeks ago.

Movements inside the body

When you have 18 weeks of pregnancy should be, you have many feelings of movement in the womb. These are called apotheosis at this stage to feel the movements inside the body full of bubbles. The child begins to move when you are 18 weeks pregnant, and the sensations of movement, this will ensure that a child in the water almost like waves. It is recommended to be used more often to strengthen muscles and work to do. While strenuous exercise is no doubt, you should take as long as the walls, when the weather is suitable.

Hungry stage

You can start to be more gas pains and indigestion at this stage, because the growing child. Initially, you may also think that the baby’s movements are signs of gas in the stomach. You may feel hungry, most of the time, because the child needs a lot of food for its growth and development. Hunger may occur more frequently if you have missed all your favorite foods during the morning sickness, and you can have unusual cravings. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates, are important for you and your child’s energy is needed.

embazrao-resonanciaTo ease your hunger at 18 weeks pregnant, you should have a supply of nutritious snacks on hand such as nuts, crackers and granola bars. This way, you’re sure that your body receives the nutrients the baby needs, instead of loading on junk food, which has no nutritional value. They are small and easy to integrate into your bag you always have something to eat at your fingertips.

At this point, you and the parent can begin to speak and read with your child so that he / she will start to recognize your voice. The ears are in place and fully functional so that the child can not hear.

How big is my baby?

The bones begin to ossify or harden the baby at this time. They are also coated with myelin and nerve endings sense to travel quickly to the brain. Nerves throughout the body begin to grow in the complex nervous system is evident when the baby is born. The baby also has a sense of smell, taste and sight to 18 weeks. It weighs between five and seven ounces and is slightly more than 5 cm long. From now on if the baby’s growth will grow at a faster pace.