Although 15 weeks pregnant is very natural for a woman who can sometimes be annoying to others to adopt all elements of it. The more information you can find and collect to help you understand what your body goes through. Despite all the changes very natural, there will be times when you wonder if your body is doing what he does. While feeling well and healthy, which should have nothing to fear.

Probably you start to feel your baby move

The pregnancy progresses of 15 weeks pregnant, you will see some big changes in your body and how it feels when you are approaching a period of four months you will start to feel pregnant. You can also feel your baby move for the first time, that every pregnancy is impressive. This is a sure sign that the baby is inside you and that’s fine. Although initially you may not think that is for your child, because they are very small movements. No formula on how much you feel your baby move their children to a woman who does somersaults and for others it is a fluid.

As long as the child moves, and then everything goes well and the pregnancy is going very often this time of your pregnancy your midwife can offer the possibility of screen anomalies. Although this is not mandatory, it is recommended, especially the older woman and the story of the woman’s birth defects. You will be offered to pilots and a lot of advice and help, if you go ahead and have a problem. You are not alone at all stages of pregnancy and there are always people to help and advise.

Although you will gain weight very quickly at this stage of your pregnancy your array will still weighs only 70g. Even if they grew at about 9.1 cm, they are still very small, and counts on you to ensure their safety. At 15 weeks of pregnancy your baby has the hiccups quite often and you will not even realize it. Your child will learn to do before they learn to breathe, you can not escape noise, but because their lungs are filled with liquid instead of air.

Good sleep during pregnancy

Remember that poor Sleep in Pregnancy can lead to complications at Birth. Sleep well helps improve your immune system and your brain function, also helps boost growth hormone and cleans out your neurological database, allowing you to both feel rested and think more clearly. However, poor sleep is associated with increased risk for birth complications.



You will be able to determine the baby sex

All joints babies and members can move their legs and will grow faster than their share of arms is correct. At 15 weeks pregnant, you will be able to determine the sex of your baby on ultra sound and if you asked the midwife can tell you. In some cases, genitalia may take a little longer to develop so they can advise you to wait until they are better trained.
At this stage of your pregnancy, you should be better without it being morning sickness. It is a good time to go swimming gymnastics is ideal at this stage of your pregnancy. It can help both you and your baby to relax and you will help keep the weight down.