Boy or Girl? Toss a coin. If its heads it’s a boy and if its tails, it’s a girl. Now do you think this could be accurate? That’s how the gender prediction is for society. They say, if you did not have morning sickness during pregnancy, it is going to be a boy.

My mother went through turbulence of her digestive system when she was carrying me. Then there is another saying, that if you crave salty food, you would have a boy and if you crave spicy or sweet food, you get a girl. Then there are some others who follow the Chinese calendar. Well, even I tried that one. Yes, it did come out to be true. But, for many of my friends it was not.

Then there are few oldies who find out the gender looking at the bump. If your bump grows outwards, then it is a boy and if your belly is growing sideways, in short if you’re getting round and fat, then it is a girl. DO you think there is any meaning to this? The way your bump grow is because of genetics and body shape, leave alone sex of the baby.

It is acceptable to think of what would be the sex of the baby. I used to always call my baby ‘it’. But, would love to think how the room and my life would look if it’s a boy or if it’s a girl. Never get too over-confident on what people say about the sex of the baby. Let it be a surprise to you and for them. Be it a boy or a girl, pray for a healthy child.