How big is my baby?

At 9 weeks pregnant, you baby is still quite tiny, only about an inch long. While that tail we talked about during week 7 is completely gone now, other features are starting to become visible.

Those tiny little arms and legs now have little tiny joints that can actually move at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles.

On the inside, your baby’s heart is starting to split into its four separate chambers. While it has a heart beat, it will be a little while before it’s heart pumps blood in the same way that ours does since the valves are just starting to develop.

What is that taste in my mouth?

When you are 9 weeks pregnant, you may also start to notice a strange and kind of metallic taste in your mouth. Like so many other things, this seems totally foreign but is completely normal during pregnancy. Just like morning sickness and your super sonic sense of smell, this too will pass, probably right around the second trimester.

While brushing and rinsing might address your morning breath, it might not be enough for this tinny taste. Some moms-to-be report that chewing ice provides some relief that might help you make it through to T-2.

I thought I was done with pads for a little while

While you won’t be expecting your cycle for the next few months, you should expect to have some additional vaginal discharge – not just once a month, but on a much more regular basis.

As you progress through your pregnancy, your hormones will continue to change and your body will also experience increased blood flow to the skin and muscles around your vagina. Increased discharge is the natural outcome.

If you are not looking forward to wearing sanitary pads or liners for the next seven months, you’re not alone. You might want to consider a softer, more comfortable and eco-freindly alternative called Luna Pads. These are made from cotton with the option of a nylon lining. They are easily washed for reuse and will come in handy for postpartum bleeding.

Pregnancy Hormone Levels

A lot of pregnant women actually suffer from forgetfulness and clumsiness during pregnancy. Research shows that pregnancy hormone levels are so elevated, which they may be having an adverse impact on the brain cells. There could be a link between maternity and memory problems.

A research that was conducted took into consideration the various stages associated with pregnancy. According to this research, the first trimester in pregnancy do not show any visible number of problems related to recollection. However, when women ingested simple questionnaires to fill in their second and next trimesters, they performed a lot worse. Also, women tend to get worried during pregnancy if they will be able to function normally after giving birth. The phase of recollection loss actually lasts for a relatively good months even after pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes several psychological problems like low mood levels and anxiety disorder. It is known to be the cause prenatal and postnatal unhappiness. These conditions may be affecting the memory of women during pregnancy additionally.

Hormones could be playing a big role in causing random access memory loss. While typically hormones get regulated in the body for the safety of the mother and child, some hormones when produced excessively in the body may not suit the brain cells. Higher rate of sex hormones also have an impact on the neurons in the brain.

Memory is a brain function that usually takes place in the hippocampus plus its this region of as their pharmicudical counterpart that scientists feel is adversely plagued by the circulating hormones. Mood swings and anxiety that extend after pregnancy by means of post natal depression additionally causes memory loss during pregnancy.

However, researchers agree that more research has to be conducted in this field to be able to definitively find out what is causing memory problems in pregnant women.

Staying healthy

Whether you’re 9 weeks pregnant or 9 month’s all about eating right and exercising, right? Yes, but…you’re probably still feeling nauseous and might not feel like doing much at all. Here are just a few things to think about.

verdurasNow that you’re eating for two, you will need to add a few extra calories to your diet, about 200 to 300 for now. If you’re still feeling sick, just focus on eating whatever makes you feel better and whatever you can keep down.
Additionally, if you’re used to always choosing the low fat option, you may want to rethink that for the next few months. Your baby actually needs fat as it continues to develop, especially for brain development.

When it comes to exercise, just do what you can. Most women are really tired at this stage in the game and if you’re still feeling queasy, exercise may be the last thing on your mind.

If that’s where you’re at, that’s okay – take it slow and slowly start to add some walking into your regular routine when you are feeling up to it. Do what feels right for your body.