How big is my baby?

At 8 weeks pregnant, while your baby is continuing to grow, that tail we talked about last week is starting to shrink. At about 3/4 of an inch, the most noticeable part of your baby is it’s head.

For a large part of your early pregnancy, your baby’s head will be much bigger than its body, but that’s totally normal. By your second trimester, your baby’s body will start to catch up will start to look more proportional.

On the outside, your baby’s arms and legs will begin to lengthen and even his or her toes and fingers will start to grow. Meanwhile on the inside, your baby’s lungs continue to develop as well as it’s brain. Even at this early stage, the brain has begun to develop five distinct areas

What is that smell?

embarazoIf you’ve heard that pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell, you’re probably finding out exactly how true that is now that you are 8 weeks pregnant. You’ll probably smell new and wondrous odors that you never even knew existed as well as others that you wish had never existed in the first place.

So much of our world is scented these days – detergents, lotions, dish soap – and that’s just the beginning. If it doesn’t bother you too much, don’t worry about it. Otherwise, think about looking for unscented products, or at least naturally scented products, which are probably a little easier to take.
The good news is, this too will pass and usually by your second trimester. Until then, stop and smell the roses. If you are grossed out and overpowered by your super-sonic sense of smell, just try to breath through your mouth instead.

El posible dolor que se puede producir viene producido por la presión del útero que se encuentra en proceso de expansión sobre dicho nervio. Las consecuencias son dolor agudo en las nalgas y en la parte posterior y/o lateral de las piernas.