When you are 36 weeks pregnant…

you are already coming to an end and the arrival of the precious bundle when you are 36 weeks pregnant.

If you go right to the end, you only have four or five weeks left, but it is likely that your doctor has told you that you could go to the labor market at any time.

You may feel a bit ‘confused at this point and hard to get comfortable when you lie. You may also be concerned that you do not have enough things bought for the baby or the nursery that does not fit.

That’s when you start to feel a sense of nesting

You want everything to be clean when the baby arrives, so you may find yourself cleaning the house or apartment more. It’s a way to keep busy and active. Your stomach is very important in this phase, it is difficult to sit in a chair or stand up when you want to stand. You probably can not see your feet when you look down when you’re standing. At the same time, you’ll probably be a little uncomfortable because of stretch marks and itching on my stomach. The best thing to do is use lots of lotion on her stomach to help relieve the itching.

When you are 36 weeks pregnant the baby probably weighs about 6 pounds so far and is approximately 13 inches long. At that time, the baby begins to descend into the birth position. You may notice, or someone may say that your stomach ahs dropped. This is one of the signs tat the birth is very close. You may feel abandoned or felt anything at all. Also known as lightning and once this happens, you will feel more comfortable because there is less pressure in the lungs and ribs. You may also feel pressure to eat more and at unusual times.

Other changes that begin to happen 36 weeks



You may have to urinate more often and may not be able to keep the water more than once may.

This is because the child is in the lowest position is now pressing against the bladder.

You can try to reduce the amount of liquid to drink and lean forward when you urinate to empty the bladder completely.



Other changes include:

  • Constipation
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Back Pain
  • Pain in the ass
  • Add a sense of pregnancy

What happen if baby would be born at that time?

At present no danger to the baby if she would be born at that time. All bodies have developed and the baby would be able to breathe outside the womb. Fat baby develops in the arms and legs and there are dimples on the cheeks, knees and elbows. Sucking motions have been developed for the baby sucks the milk after birth. The gums have also hardened the brain develops rapidly. The baby is also blinking at this time.