How big is my baby?

At 35 weeks pregnant the baby probably weighs in the region of 5 pounds, 5 ounces, about 2,400 grams, but this is when he or she will gain weight the fastest pace ever, on top of 8 and 12 oz every two weeks. More fat is deposited around the baby’s body, especially in and around the shoulders.

Due to the rapid increase in size, the baby is now cramped and narrow and limited to the uterus, which significantly reduced fetal movements. fetal movement is not going away completely, but they come less often than before, but stronger than in the past.

To determine if the baby is positioned head, the head should rest on the mother’s pubic bone, ready for work.

Bonding With Your Baby During Pregnancy

At 35 weeks of pregnancy, the relationship that the mother may feel her baby growing in her womb, is bound to grow stronger by leaps and bounds, especially when the baby is finally delivered. An intense attachment that develops between a mother and her baby, which can be defined as the bonding, and it should be noted that it does not come overnight and needs care. Bonding can happen later, or grow on the mother and child over time.

It is vitally important for a mother to know that the design is not only supposed to make them feel protective of their children by showering them with love and affection too, but only by the binding the child is able to develop a sense of security created by their mother in the world outside the womb.

Baby weight chances

35-semanas-de-embarazoAfter 35 weeks pregnant, only a significant change in weight of the child. In 35 weeks pregnant the uterus of the mother is about 5-6 inches. If there are other women who are known to be also given to the mother, but it appears larger or smaller than the size and weight is important not to panic, and because no two people can never be the same and that every pregnant woman have different ways.

There are those who carry the pregnancies wider, lower, or even more than others. It is also not unheard of, a woman carrying a pregnancy in several different ways, their individuality. This is a rather superstitious woman begin to look like the way they carry the pregnancy to determine the sex of their child.

This is not true, but it must be fun to guess and keep guessing, especially for those who expect to be surprised by the sex of their baby was finally born, compared with those who find the baby’s gender before birth. The 35 weeks pregnant, it would probably be worse with each passing day, although there is a high probability that it might be very eager to meet the baby.