How big is my baby?

During 17 weeks pregnant the rapid development taking place in the body of her baby. Your baby goes through rapid development in this arena. Time is growing near when you can give birth to her son. Several changes occur in your body and your baby’s body too, which together are known as symptoms of 17 weeks of pregnancy.

In 17 weeks pregnant the baby’s skeleton is changing today. Your baby has now begun to look more like the man, and as foreigners. Skeleton, which is composed of soft cartilage is now converted to bone. your baby’s weight is also increased and now he weighs the same as that of the turnip which means about 5 ounces. The length gained by this time is 5 inches.

During the 17 week of your pregnancy, your body is undergoing dramatic changes. Physically you may experience some of the following symptoms during the second trimester:

17 weeks pregnant mother symptoms

Now, many unusual changes happens at 17 weeks pregnant women and this accompany her body. You belly is growing now. This development is the center of gravity in your body. So at times you may experience a bit unbalanced for this reason. This can give the feeling of instability in their small feet. So you should be careful when walking and doing everyday tasks. Morning sickness is gone for most women today know and are able to enjoy being pregnant concentrate on the birth of the unborn child. You are your partner can also renew your relationship because you are not very emotional about little things that you were only a few weeks ago.

Precautions must be taken to avoid the risk of falls. heels preferably be used. This reduces the risk of falls. And you know very well, take a walk on the ground can be very dangerous for you and your baby. Should also be taken in a car. Remember that the belt itself, to avoid any reflection.

There are many doctors who believe that there is power in touch. Your teen may feel warmth and security comes through your contact calm. This week your baby is now mobile and can move very easily, here and there in his body. Now you can easily move your joints and can move forward along your pregnancy from now.

Your baby can hear things!

You can start by simply rubbing his hands against his belly, and you’ll even feel things calm down. This will not only make your child feel warmth and love, but it will also cause a different feeling from you. The bond between mother and child will naturally grow. You can also try playing soft music. Your child will react. This will reassure him and make him feel better.